[ Lumina Stone ]


In 1752, two notable European thinkers, Diderot and d’Alembert, launched the first volume of a work that would point to an era: the Encyclopédie, a tremendously ambitious work, considered an engine of intellectual power and progress. Diderot remarked that only passions, great passions can elevate the soul to great things, because the perfection of things depend on oneself and the willingness to be passionate on what is pursued.

This way, relevant writers, scientists or philosophers, known as Encyclopedists, wanted to participate. They believed that a man well informed was already a new man, and that evil was nothing more than a consequence of ignorance.
They fought for the maximum diffusion of these ideas. Articles of the Encyclopédie were spread in newspapers and gazettes and also were much discussed in the gatherings or halls. Actions that opened the doors of the Neoclassicism, better known popularly as NEO.

NEO by LUMINA STONE brings the style, luxury and sobriety of those unique designs capable of drawing attention in every space where it is through a unique composition of colors, and an incomparable quality.